Our Chief Operating Officer


John A. Glowacki Jr.
Chief Operating Officer of Shared Services Canada

John A. Glowacki Jr., Chief Operating Officer

John A. Glowacki Jr. became Chief Operating Officer of Shared Services Canada on February 2, 2015.

With over three decades of professional experience, John has held a variety of leadership roles, including account and project management and serving as a corporate executive, an independent advisor and a member of a non-profit board of directors.

Prior to his appointment to Shared Services Canada, John served as president of JAG International LLC (U.S.) and JAG International Advisory Services Ltd (Canada), a company that provides advisory and consulting services related to information technology (IT), including in/outsourcing and acquisitions. JAG also advises domestic and international organizations regarding cyber security threats and mitigation. John has advised the White House and other U.S. Government organizations on these matters.

From 2000 to 2012, John worked for the Computer Sciences Corporation, a multinational corporation that provides information technology services. He rose from mid-level enterprise architect to Corporate Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer, overseeing an annual budget over $290 million. He led the transition from the decentralized control of the firm’s IT budget to a centralized model, generating savings while deploying new technologies to improve performance and customer satisfaction.

John retired from the U.S. Air Force's Joint Special Operations Command in 2000, where he spent 11 years of his 21-year military career. His last role was as a program manager responsible for providing technology solutions in the areas of aviation, navigation and information/cyber warfare. He completed multiple assignments as a combat controller in the U.S. and Latin America.

John holds a Masters of Business Administration from George Mason University in Virginia.