Workplace Technology Devices


  • Goal

    To standardize and consolidate the procurement of hardware and software for workplace technology devices for the Government of Canada.

  • Orders-in-Council

    PC Number: 2013-0368

    PC Number: 2013-0366

The Government of Canada is implementing an enterprise approach to the procurement of workplace technology devices and related software, including security software, for federal employees. This is a new area of standardization and consolidation that will bring efficiencies and savings while strengthening the security of government information technology.

Examples of workplace technology devices and related software:

  • Personal workstations – desktops, mobile workstations such as laptops and tablets, high-performance workstations – and peripherals and accessories such as monitors, keyboards, computer mice, audio devices and external and internal storage devices.

  • Software that delivers common office productivity functionality, including standardized office suite software such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentations graphics, etc, including Internet browser software.

The Government estimates that the consolidated approach for procuring and supplying software for end-user devices will bring savings of $8.7M starting in 2014-2015.

Effective April 1, 2013, SSC was given the responsibility to consolidate the procurement of workplace technology devices including hardware (printers, laptops and other peripheral devices) and software to leverage economies of scale and reduce duplication. Economic Action Plan 2013 stated that the consolidation and standardization of software procurement for workplace technology devices would result in annual savings of $8.7M, beginning in 2014–2015.