Information Technology Infrastructure Roundtable


Shared Services Canada (SSC) recognizes the value and contribution of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, and the important role that sector can play in the transformation of the Government of Canada’s IT infrastructure. To that end, SSC is hosting Information Technology Infrastructure Roundtable (ITIR) meetings with representatives from the ICT sector, starting in fall 2012.

ITIR discussions focus on the government’s long term IT transformation agenda, emerging technologies in the marketplace, and first-use technologies. The Roundtable provides a forum for sharing progress on other key government initiatives such as the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program, as well as future directions for innovation.

Through the ITIR, SSC seeks to harness the benefits of a diverse and innovative supplier community to build a secure, lower-cost, more effective technology platform for the Government of Canada. The roundtable discussions also help the department build a long-term relationship with the ICT industry and provide it with an opportunity to address issues of interest from an ICT-sector perspective.


Following a series of consultations with associations in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector starting in the fall of 2011, Shared Services Canada (SSC) identified five key areas for further work.  SSC believes that these areas of work will help the department achieve its transformation objectives for the Government of Canada’s information technology (IT) infrastructure, while also addressing items of interest from an ICT sector perspective.

The following is a summary of discussions that took place as part of the consultations, as well as the approach for “Moving Forward”, which includes the establishment of the Information Technology Infrastructure Roundtable.

Roundtable Meetings

Advisory Committees

As a result of its engagement strategy, Shared Services Canada (SSC) is creating the Information Technology Infrastructure Roundtable and Advisory Committee structure. The Roundtable is a forum in which federal partners and the information and communications technology (ICT) sector can provide advice and guidance on SSC initiatives, while each of the Advisory Committees represents a key area with significant work underway.

The ITIR consists of four advisory committees that report back to it.