Email Transformation
Initiative Contract Award

Following a year of a rigorous Collaborative Procurement Process and after considering the options for an email solution that would meet security requirements and provide value for money, Shared Services Canada (SSC) selected Bell Canada, in partnership with CGI Information Systems And Management Consultants Inc., to implement an email solution for the Government of Canada.

The contract with the vendor is for seven years plus one option year. By consolidating its email systems to a single and secure email platform, the Government of Canada anticipates savings of over $50 million dollars a year, beginning in 2015-2016.

SSC was mandated in 2011 to transform how the Government manages its information technology infrastructure (IT). Its first priority was to move the Department’s 43 partner organizations to a single consolidated, cost-effective, efficient, secure and modern email system.

The Email Transformation Initiative (ETI) will replace the 63 email solutions currently being used by SSC and its partner organizations with a consolidated solution designed to meet their IT needs and support their business requirements.

Industry and Partner Engagement

SSC engaged the IT industry in its collaborative procurement process to gain an understanding of what was available and to produce a highly detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) rooted in the needs of SSC’s partner organizations, along with industry knowledge and experience. The process began on June 12, 2012 with an Industry Engagement Day, followed by a Request for Information. On September 19, 2012, SSC issued a Request for Responses for Evaluation to identify successful respondents with proven track records for designing, implementing and operating an enterprise email solution. The next step in the process started on November 21, 2012, when SSC entered the Review and Refine Requirements phase. This phase gave successful respondents the opportunity to enhance their understanding of ETI requirements.

This process led to issuing the RFP and the opportunity for the four qualified vendors to bid on an email solution for the Government of Canada. The vendors were: Bell Canada, Dell Canada, HP Canada and IBM Canada.