Organizational chart

  • President
    Ron Parker
    • Chief Operating Officer
      John A. Glowacki Jr.
    • Special projects
      Dave Adamson
    • Chief Audit and Evaluation Executive
      Yves Genest
    • Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategy
      Peter Bruce
      • Account Management
        José Gendron
        Jean-François Lymburner
      • Analytic, Benchmarking and Transformation Programs
        Gilles Dufour
      • Enterprise Architecture
        Shirley Ivan
      • Project Management Centre of Excellence
        Rama Rai
      • Strategic Policy, Planning and Reporting
        Graham Barr
    • Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Service Delivery and Management
      Greg McKay
      • Service Delivery Management
        Ken Canam
      • Service Management
        Surinder Komal
    • Assistant Deputy Minister, Data Center Services Branch
      A/Patrice Rondeau
      • Project Management
        Peter Littlefield
      • Middleware and Database
        Steve Robertson
      • Super Computing
        Carol Hopkins
      • Development and Production
        Patrice Rondeau
      • Mainframe and Bulk Print
        Dale Heins
      • Mid-range and Storage
        Jocelyn Côté
      • Facilities Management
        Luc Boileau
    • Assistant Deputy Minister, Network and End Users
      Pankaj Sehgal
      • Data Networks
        Patrice Nadeau
      • Email Transformation Initiative
        A/Don Lalonde
      • LAN/Wi-Fi Cabling
        Thomas Brandt
      • Project Management
        Afif Chaaban
      • Telecommunication
        Michel Fortin
      • Workplace Technology Devices Project
        Alan Manara
    • Assistant Deputy Minister, Cyber and IT Security
      Raj Thuppal
      • Security Management
        Raj Thuppal
      • Security Operations
        Eric Belzile
      • Infrastructure Security
        Donald Messier
      • Identity and Access Management
        Simon Levesque
      • Secret Infrastructure
        Dinesh Mohan
      • Project Management
        Lucie Levesque
    • Senior Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Services
      Alain Duplantie
      • Chief Information Officer
        A/Liz McKeown
      • Corporate Secretariat
        Violaine Sauvé
      • Finance and Deputy Chief Financial Officer
        Manon N. Fillion
      • Human Resources and Workplace
        Rose Kattackal
      • Procurement and Vendor Relationships
        A/Patrice Breton
      • Region and Program Management Transition
        Sylvie Bussière
    • Director General, Communications and Organizational Effectiveness
      Jacqueline Hilton