Organizational Chart

  • President
    Liseanne Forand
    • Chief Operating Officer
      Grant Westcott
    • Chief of Staff
      James van Raalte  
    • Special Advisor
      Mostafa Zommo
    • Head, Departmental Initiatives and Analytics
      Brad Sweeney
    • Chief Audit and Evaluation Executive
      Yves Genest
    • DG, Strategic Policy Integration
      Graham Barr
    • DG, Departmental Initiatives and Analytics
      Roderick Raphael
    • Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Transformation, Service Strategy and Design
      Benoît Long
      • DG, Enterprise Architecture
        Jirka Danek
      • DG, Service Strategies and Transformation
      • DG, Email Transformation Program
        Gail Eagen
      • DG, Data Centre Transformation Program
        Peter Littlefield
      • DG, Telecommunication Transformation Program
        Michel Fortin
      • DG, Cyber and  IT Security Transformation Program
        Raj Thuppal
    • Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Projects and Client Relationships
      Peter Bruce
      • DG, Data Centre Projects
        Christine Payant
      • DG, Telecom and Cyber Security Projects
        Afif Chaaban
      • DG, Client Relationship and Business Intake
        Jean-François Lymburner
      • DG, Project Management Centre of Excellence
        Rama Rai
      • DG, Distributed Computing Environment Projects
        Zaina Sovani
    • Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Operations
      Kevin Radford
      • DG, Horizontal Lead – Data Centre
        Patrice Rondeau
      • DG, Horizontal Lead – Network
        Patrice Nadeau
      • DG, Finance Portfolio Lead
        Sylvie Lefevbre
      • DG, Economic and  International Portfolio Lead
        Jocelyn Côté
      • DG, Science Portfolio Lead
        Surinder Komal
      • A/DG, Social Portfolio Lead
        Luc Boileau
      • A/DG, Government Operations Portfolio Lead
        Dale Heins
      • DG, National Security Portfolio Lead
        José Gendron
      • DG, Process Management,  Integration and IT Security
        Eric Belzile

    • Assistant Deputy Minister, Operations Planning and Coordination
      Elizabeth Tromp
      • DG, Network and IT Security Operations
        Sylvie Bussière

    • Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer
      Gina Rallis
      • DG, Human Resources and Workplace
        Peter Hooey
      • DG, Finance and Deputy Chief Financial Officer
        Micheline Saurette
      • DG, Procurement and Vendor Relationships
        Randall Meades
      • DG, Chief Information and Security Officer
        Pankaj Sehgal
      • DG, Strategic Planning and Change Communications
        Frances McRae
      • Corporate Secretary
        Violaine Sauvé